Ömer Faruk Alış 14.12.2016 - 9:40’de yazdı, Kategori : SEKTÖRLER, TEKNOLOJİ, Videolar

Organon Analytics CTO Ömer Faruk Alış, “Regardless of the scale, companies can benefit from analytical services. Companies have common objectives such as selling more product to their customers, retaning their customer base, and measuring and managing various risk exposures. Large enterprises have started using analytical solutions in mid 1990’s; they enjoyed the results, and they made the analytical processes as part of their operations. Our goal is to realize this transformation for small and medium enterprises. These companies can not build the necessary infrastructure and human resources which are scarce and expensive. Pur solutions offer companies to enjoy the benefits of analytics without significant investments. This is the spirit of our motto “Analytics for Everyone” said.


Organon Analytics CTO