Ömer Faruk Alış 14.12.2016 - 9:37’de yazdı, Kategori : SEKTÖRLER, TEKNOLOJİ, Videolar

Organon Analytics CTO Ömer Faruk Alış, “Those are the biggest barriers to anaytical transformations of companies. Let me first talk about the major steps in an analytical pipeline:

The first step is to transfer the data from source systems

The second step is to check the data quality, and correct the mistakes

The third step is to prepare the data for final analysis

The fourth step is to analyze the data and produce the intelligence with Machine Learning and AI

And the final step is to report and document intelligence

We have created products to automate all of these steps without the intervention of human agents. In addition, we decreased the computation costs, and increased the speed of solving a certain problem. Our clients now have the luxury of easy and cheap access to our services. They try a service, they see the benefits, they decide to purchase it, and they pay for what they use. They need no in-house investment in technology, or expensive human resources” said.


Organon Analytics CTO