Ömer Faruk Alış 14.12.2016 - 9:33’de yazdı, Kategori : SEKTÖRLER, TEKNOLOJİ, Videolar

Organon Analytics CTO Ömer Faruk Alış, “Analytics As A Service solution consists of 50 analytical services. Each service uses Machine Learning and AI technologies to solve a specific business problem. If you implement a service, you etiher increase revenues, or decrease costs, or increase operational efficiency. I want to give examples of services creating these benetits. Cross-Sell Service can be used to determine the product a customer is most likely to  purchase. You can better  target your customers , and you can increase your revenues by using this service. Credit Risk Services can be used to measure the risk associated with a credit line. You can reduce risk-related costs by using these services. Predictive Maintenance Service can be used to predict the break-downs in your machine park. You can fix the problems before they happen and increase the operational efficiency. Each case has a common property: Machine Learning and AI tehcniques are used to analyze the data, and extract actionable predictions which can be used to increase profits” said.


Organon Analytics CTO